About Okibi

I was born and raised in Miyazaki, which is full of nature. As a child, it was common for me to eat baked potatoes, barbequed meat and flame grilled chicken, using wood fires, campfires and barbeques.

Therefore it was very natural for me to be attracted to flame grilled food. Some people may wonder, why choose flame grilled? Actually, in Italy where I studied, the most common way for restaurants to cook meat was by firewood.

Firewood is made with burned fresh wood, therefore it contains moisture, and it is said that by cooking with firewood it makes the food juicer, more tender and better tasting compared to charcoal.

So it is said that firewood is more suitable for cooking a large piece of Italian bistecca steak.

Because I know the benefits of it, in my restaurant I grill meat, fish and vegetables using the naked flame of firewood to bring out the best in the ingredients.

For example, when it comes to flame grilled meat in Japan, you might automatically think of charcoal cooking, however firewood contains not only more heat but also more moisture compared to charcoal.

It’s the same when the wood becomes glowing embers. It’s possible to cook the meat using rays of heat and moisture, whereby as the heat gradually enters the center the outside becomes well cooked, without drying the ingredients.

With charcoal, the heat is stronger, and it doesn’t contain moisture, therefore it tends to cook the ingredients rapidly

Firewood is a very good method when it comes to cooking thick steaks of meat.

Understanding how the dish is created beyond the kurado ( the ancient Japanese storehouse door)