What I felt in Italy.

I was able to get to know and see that there are local dishes that you can feel the origin of in each area, and those dishes can only be created because of the land which is unique to those particular areas.
In addition, in the USA, in places like New York, I was able to see the oriental dishes, which were created by the cosmopolitan culture.
And why were our dishes created? Well it’s just inevitable.
Nature rich Japan and Miyazaki climate has produced great ingredients and culture. I have filtered those ingredients and culture through me to have originality and I wanted to express it simply and that is how I came to open Okibi Kawaguchi.
I’d be glad if you could sense Japan a little by enjoying our meal.
Masayuki Kawaguchi

Thoughts from Kawaguchi.

The meals of Okibi Kawaguchi are expressed through my original idea, based on the Japanese food culture in the area where I was born and raised as well as the European dishes I studied overseas, which I have filtered in order to create the Kawaguchi menu. Please enjoy.


At Okibi Kawaguchi, we try to use the ingredients from the growers we know. We feel the growers thoughts and what to decorate the plate with them. Please enjoy the varieties of great ingredients.


We recommend the pure wine which the taste of grapes and terroir has been drawn out from. We have the good selection of very smooth and silky wine to match the tone of the meals, which is expressed in Japan.
※Please be informed that we do not accept that you bring your own bottle.


We use six kinds of tea leaves from Shinryoku En in Shintomi town, Miyazaki, which is also my home town. Please enjoy the highest quality tea, created by the tea artisan, Mr Kuroki.


Chef’s selected (Omakase) course (possible to add option one and two)
This course uses selected seasonal ingredients from certain areas in Miyazaki and is cooked by Okibi to draw out the best of the ingredients to the maximum.
*Please type in if you have any allergy and anything you dislike at the time of making a reservation.

Experience the goodness of Japan

When you open the kurado you will encounter a different world.

Please enjoy our courses especially created for you on that day in the restaurant where there is a nice atmosphere with seasonal Bonsai, plastering work, and an original okudo (a place specially made to put Okibi) along with the special countertop and plates.

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